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  1. Very interesting!! Look very polished and integrated 🙂 Can I run Synfig (an animation 2D program) in SliTaz?? Run Firefox (i don’t like Midori); Gummi, Kile or LaTeXila (LaTeX programs)?? Thanks in advance

  2. Hi JK, i really don’t know, you can try it by yourself. The iso is just 35 mega and is so fast also on virtualbox!! it’s one of the fastest that i tried. Thanks for posting.

  3. LiveCD – Stable version

    SliTaz stable version provides a mature operating system, widely tested by an active community. The core LiveCD offers you a large selection of multi-use packages carefully integrated into the distribution, thus resulting in a coherent and robust system. Current 4.0 stable version was released on 10 April 2012.

    SliTaz GNU/Linux 4.0 (35 Mb) – slitaz-4.0.iso http://mirror.slitaz.org/iso/4.0/slitaz-4.0.iso

    A bootable CDROM image of all available packages for the stable version is generated every day. It also contains a copy of the website and can be used without an internet connection via the install.sh script.

    Collection of SliTaz GNU/Linux 4.0 packages (2 Gb) – packages-4.0.iso http://mirror.switch.ch/ftp/mirror/slitaz/iso/4.0/packages-4.0.iso

  4. http://www.slitaz.org/en/packages/

    This part of the site allows you to view all of the software packages available on the SliTaz mirror. The pages are automatically updated daily via a cron job. All packages are installable via the package manager Tazpkg using the GUI or the command tazpkg get-install pkgname.

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